Grek, Trampler of Foes

Great Khan of the Blood Letter Clan


After his family was slighted and ambushed by another tribe, Grek, Trampler of Foes vowed that his tribe, the Bloodletter Clan, would never be defeated again. Since then he has made it his mission to bring all the tribes under his command and to create an invincible empire so that nothing will ever threaten his family. The Orc Shamans ascribe divinity to him but he has never commented on it. He is the Great Khan of the Orcish Khans. His main advisor in religious matters is Thak, Eater of Spleens who sees a different way of understanding Grummsh.

Grek also uncovered an oasis that was named Bloodletter Hold. Grek commissioned a fort to be erected near the site and a town has begun to spring up around it. Strange storms occasionaly ravage the area but they also provide the water for the city to survive.

Grek, Trampler of Foes

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