The City of Gathon was founded 200 years ago in the final years of the Demon Wars by the Half Elf Rogal Gathon. The city was built on top of a gnomish city whose name has been forgotten. After the war, the city expanded and King Gathon’s rule now reaches from the Thern Ocean to the borders of the Elven Nations.

Gathon is primarily populated by humans but its laws enshrine the rights of all peaceful beings. Gnomes make up the second largest group with clanless Dwarves, half elves, expatriated Elves, Halflings, and other making up the rest in that order.

Gathon is ruled by King Rogal Gathon. He is advised by the Grand Council which consists of officials elected landowners. The King often defers to the council in domestic matters but he is able to overrule them at any time. The King’s son Rogal Gathon II is a prominent council member and is widely expected to inherit the throne upon his father’s passing. After that the crown would fall to Prince Whelan Gathon, then Prince Hallon Gathon, and then Princess Alisa Helene Gathon

Gathon stays out of other nation’s wars unless it is attacked. This is said to be one of the terms of the Binding Pact which founded the nation of Gathon. The pact also allows for Gathon to force any other nation to action in response to the " Re-Emergence ".

The Sigil of Gathon is an eight pointed star inside of a gear on a blue background. The gear is an homage to Erathis, goddess of civilization and invention.

The Kingdom gives homage to all the Gods of light. The largest congregation is the Divine Order of Erathis. The second largest is the Church of Pelor. Shrines to most other gods can be found.

Places of Note
-The Grand Palace, home of King Rogal Gathon
-The Divine Fortress, home of the Divine Order of Erathis
-The Bassilica, the home of the Pontifex of the Church of Pelor
-The Tower of Magicks, a school of Wizardry.
-The Gathon Docks
-The Tenderloin district, a poor neighborhood known to be rife with corruption
-Skyreach, a rich neighborhood where the buildings are over five stories and old
-Shining Row, a series of gem and jewelry stores that pre-date the founding of Gathon
-The Stag and Bucket, a seedy bar known to be a haven for underworld contacts
- The Duckling’s Ghost, a tavern and inn located very close to the Palace
-Resdience of the late Senator Divern Marnel


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