Book 2 Part 2

Piles of Crows

When we last left off the party (Balion Vicarson, Izadora Smith, Linna, Mafalda, Necro, Phil Blackthorne, and Thwarg, Piler of the Dead) was posing as merchants in order to find and stop the bandits attacking shipments between Loudwater and Coldraven. They succeeded when their cart was intercepted by two bandits in crow masks.

Thwarg lept at the attackers, cutting one down before anyone else could act. The other fled and the group gave chase. The bandits had set an ambush and attacked the cart. The battle was dangerous but the party prevailed as Linna turned into a bear and Phil put a bandit to sleep. One of the thugs did manage to run away.

The group then woke the sleeping bandit and made him lead them to the bandit camp created outside of a small cave. The camp was led by Corvus the Bandit King, a smart leader with a large tattoo of a crow on his chest. The group decided to suprise the bandits by pushing a flaming cart into the middle of the camp. It succeeded in distracting the bandits, though not injuring them and the party pounced. The bandits outside were taken care of but Corvus was presumed to still be in the cave. Mafalda attempted to sneak in to the well lit cave and was taken by suprise by the ambush the Bandit King had prepaired. There was a brutal fight that almost cost the lives of Thwarg, Mafalda, and Phil but as the last of Corvus’ men fell he surrendered to Balion. Corvus dropped his weapons and offered the group his personal healing potion and the key to the bandit’s treasure chest. He accepted being tied up by the group and they decided to spend the night in the cave. Corvus told them that several of his camps had been decimated but he did not know who had been doing so.

In the morning the party returned to Loudwater with Corvus and brought him to they office of Lady Moonfire. The group was told to wait and were introduced to Gaeron Rhynor and his associate Hwinnor. Gaeron was a noble from the Wood Elf kingdom of Queryndar. He spoke briefly with Linna before he met with the Mayoress. Necro and Mafalda overheard the entire conversation. While it was polite and formal the Wood Elf indicated that the town owed a large sum of money because of insurance placed on shipments that the bandits had intercepted. He also mentioned how sorry he was that Gathon had raised the demand for soldiers and scutage. He said that his family would forgive any debts and assist the town if he was married to the mayoress. It was said in a manner that was appropriate and let the mayoress know the offer was open without being insulting. She told him she would think about it and offered an invitation to a formal dinner that she was having that night with a High Elf Noble. He accepted and left.

The party considered the ramifications of what had been said and started to ask Corvus questions. After answering a few he asked to use a restroom and the group began bargaining with him on that topic. Before the party could get more out of him they were called to meet with the Mayoress.

Necro began the conversation by demanding to know what the Mayoress had not told them. That set her on edge and she quickly moved on to what they had learned. Corvus offered to tell everything he knew in exchange for a guarantee that he would not be executed. He proffered a note that he had on his person. It told him of the regular shipments and paid him in gems to intercept them. He received notes via an animal messenger spell and payments via a dead drop. He had once tried to spy on the dead drop but he only caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a man with goat legs. The group knew this to be a Satyr, a fey trickster known for their love of wine and sex. Corvus was then taken to jail. The Mayoress then asked the group to join her at the formal dinner that night and paid the group for their efforts.

The group took their 200gp each and purchased some potions of healing and supplies. Thwarg invested his in the Harbormaster’s Guild and spent time sketching at the docks while the others readied themselves for the banquet.

The group was not required to leave their weapons behind but many did as it would be considered rude to the hostess. They were shown to the formal dining room and Thwarg lept in, reguardless of the seating plan.



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