Book 3 Part 6

Let's make a deal

The party, (Amara IxChel, Balion Vicarson, Izadora Smith, Linna, and Paul Blackthorne) sat with Thwarg, Piler of the Dead, Tom Macduran, and Petra at The Duckling’s Ghost after losing Vae Victis Alastor while in Carwile’s circus. Linna had just come back from a personal errand. She too had been in the sewers. The whole group, except Tom, stank and the host at the Duckling’s Ghost offered to let them use the baths next door for free. This caused the men and women to be seperated while Tom went to recover the two paintings that Petra offered as leverage to recover Vae. The ladies had a nice chat and the men met with Septimus, who revealed he paid for the baths so he could talk to Paul and Balion. Thwarg poured over the coded book that Amara had stolen from Carwile.

The group reformed in the Duckling and Tom gave them a box he had taken from Carwile’s desk. It contained two small card labeled Donjon and Euryale. Amara said that they were part of the Deck of Many Things, an artifact of chaos that has the power to grant someone’s greatest wishes or bring ruin to them. Paul remembered that Septimus had a card, the Key, and that the deck had been used a few decades by Axlecrantz Axlecrank at Gardmore Abbey. The individual cards sometimes granted strange but minor powers in combat. Petra added that two other cards had been taken in the heist and that they were given to one of the other thieves who insisted that it was a matter of life or death.

The small box also held Carwile’s credentials for the King’s Elite. The group discussed what that meant.
Thwarg produced the code book and said he couldn’t really make sense of it. No one else could either.
Petra offered up the painting she had taken from the heist. It was dangerous to know about and when unveiled showed a man made of Void Crystal. It had been painted by Rogal Gathon before he rose to prominence in the Demon Wars. The group decided to give back the small box with both cards and the ID as well as the code book. They would only offer the painting if they had to. Tom said he was finished and took off. Thwarg had someting to take care of elsewhere.

In the morning they met with Accant. She said that Carwile was dangerous and had trained her for the King’s Elite. She had lost faith in the Elite after she failed to prevent Paul and his friends from getting to the Abbey. She wished them luck.

They wanted to meet in a neutral location but Carwile insisted they meet under the big top. The group made there way there cautiously. They knew they were being watched. The exchange went smoothly. Carwile impressed upon the group that they had broken in to his home and taken a thief out of jail. Balion saw it differently. In exchange for freeing Vae, the group would owe Carwile two favors. The first was that they would investigate a certain house in Gathon and destroy any monsters and subdue any humanoids found there. They were not to take any treasure, art, items, potions, or any kind of loot found inside. To make this matter Carwile chose two members of the group at random to cast Gaeas on. It was Balion and Izadora. They were to ensure the rest of the group behaved as well. They had 30 days to complete the task.

After this Vae was exhausted so the group decided that Carwile’s task could wait until the next morning. Petra reIn the mean time, the rest of the group met with Rogal Gathon II to inform his of the status of the investigation in to the murder of Senator Divern Marnel. They told him about the thefts being seperate from the murder. He asked about the items that had been taken from the scene and they listed them. He was especially interested in the books taken by the Dragonborn woman. The books taken were:
-The Adrie Carver investigation.
-The Rogal Gathon report Vol. 3 Add.
-Mirrineth’s journal (a copy) and report.

The painting was then brought out. RG2 warded the room. He told them that this painting was dangerous to not only the kingdom but to the world. He said that his father had very good reasons for his actions and that discussing the painting would put everyone in danger. He took possession of the painting and asked them to forget they had ever seen it. He also took the tiny canary witness.

While he had no idea what the Committee referred to, he would investigate it. Any information the party could uncover would be greatly appreciated. The group headed back to the Duckling, except for Balion who went to the Temple of Erathis. He happened to see two of the Senators implicated in being on the Committee leaving. He tried to follow them but they shook hands and went in different directions. Balion tried to follow one of them bur was as stealthy as a paladin in shining armor. He talked to the Senator but could not get him to divulge where he was headed. He did notice that the Senator had a fidget ring. This reminded him of the Committee’s symbol, two wheels with ball bearings sandwiched in between. The Senator took his leave and Balion tried to follow him along the roof tops but the Senator seemed spooked and abruptly changed his direction and went towards the Senate.

The next morning the group met up with Petra and headed towards the house Carwile indicated. The house belonged to a couple of women named Jalice and Nianal, a human and an Elf. Izadora knew a song about the couple about how each was the most beautiful of their kind and their love overcame many obsticals. It also talked about their lavish parties. Bawdier versions went into details but Izadora left out those verses. The song was almost 100 years old.

The house itself was on a rarely used street and one wing of the mansion had starter to collapse. The garden inside of the gates was untended but had been cut back so as to not obstruct the walkway. There were gargoyles on the roof and someone spotted a shambling mound living on a broken fountain. Izadora used the Pipes of the Sewer to summon a rat swarm and had it go ahead to test the defenses. They blighted the mound out of existance and broke the gargoyles that swooped down on the rats.

They made it to the mansion and unlocked the doors. Someone noticed that a recent pair of foot prints had walked directly up and down the pathway. There were no other signs of activity on the house. When they walked inside they saw a room full of well carved statues of all kinds. Every inch of wall space was filled with beautiful paintings and every table space was piled with jewelry and decorative serving sets. A voice called to them. It said, “Leave now. Or Stay. Forever.”

Immediate Goals:
-Kill whatever is making this mansion so damn creepy. Take nothing from the mansion.

Other things to keep in mind:
- Void Crystal and Rogal Gathon
-Hags and Gnolls and Arrows and Elves
- Elf Dreams
-The Factory
- Withering Birch
- The Committee
-Carwile’s other favor
- Deck of Many Things

-Various Personal Goals


some things I want to keep in mind. Balion should probably get another party member, or some street kids, or even see if the iron circle has some low level guys who can tail one of these committee senators to get a lead on their secret meeting room, since subtlety isn’t Balions strong suit.

Is our commitment to Rogal Gathon II regarding investigating the murdered senator considered complete?

Phil Blackthorne still needs to be brought to justice for his betrayal.

Book 3 Part 6

It matters who you put on the tailing detail. Do you trust the rest of the team with it or do you want to ask Septimus to get involved in the situation? That would have ramifications.

RG2 asked you more for a favor than a comitment. He would like to see the perpetrators of the murder and the heist brought in for trial. He would like to be informed if you find any more information on the Committee, the dopple ganger, or the dragonborn lady and any of the stolen goods.

There has been absolutely nothing on the Phil front. An eerie silence, even.

Book 3 Part 6

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