Book 3 Part 7

Screaming Stones

The Party (Amara IxChel, Balion Vicarson,Izadora Smith, Linna, Paul Blackthorne, and Vae Victis Alastor) was joined by Petra Clock in order to clear out a strange estate in the Skyreach section of Gathon City. Carwile had told them to clean out the mansion and to take nothing. Balion and Izadora were charged with making sure and placed under a Gaeas spell. After making their way to the front door, past some gargoyles and a shambling mound, the found the foyer was full of art. The room was littered with beautiful statues and the walls were covered in paintings. Petra recognized one as being taken from the Heist and Vae knew several of the peices, as they had been sold or handled by the Iron Circle.

The art was well kept but disorganized. The room was clean and no dust or dirt was found. The group found a coat closet full of old coats that was incredibly dusty. They went into the Ballroom which was full of statues of people dancing. The walls were covered with paintings of dances and galas. Some of the statues were enchanted to either alter their shape or perform a routine. As the group lingreed among the statues they were attacked by ghosts. Izadora was possessed and a horrible effect frightened Petra and Amara so badly that it aged them 30 years. Amara freaked out and said that her life was over if they did not remove the ghost’s curse immediately. The group decided that they should leave and take Amara to be treated at the Church of Pelor, seeing how they had a month to clear out the mansion. Along the way, Amara and Linna spoke privately. It was private.

Once at the church Amara, Balion, and Petra met with Joshua Wynreaver, Cannonarch of the Church, grandfather of Balion, and powerful cleric. He complimented Balion’s actions in dealing with the Princess, saying they they reflected well on him, his family, and the church. Joshua cured Petra and asked that she and Balion leave the room so he could have a private conversation with Amara. As Amara left the church she made a sizeable donation to the poor box.

The group decided to return to the mansion in the morning and went to the The Duckling’s Ghost for the evening. Balion told the group about his attempt to follow the Senator he believed to be part of the The Committee and asked Paul to help set up a tail. Paul introduced Balion to the Candleboys, young urchins who guided people through the fogs of Gathon for a nominal fee. It was awkward.

The party returned to the mansion ad found the statues they had broken were repaired. They explored further in and found several rooms of paintings and statues. They had been curated with mPsy rooms having an easily recognizable theme. One room had paintings by Jalice and statues by Nianall, the last known owners of the mansion. The group eventually came to a large room that appeared to be a garden inside the mansion. There were large trees and rocks with paved paths. A waterfall splashed into a small pond with a four post bed floating in it.

A voice spoke saying that the group had defiled the place and must leave. They refused and out came Jalice who had become a medusa. Paul Immediately turned to stone. Eventually Amara also turned to stone. As Jalice took a barrage of attacks from Petra’s fists and Vae turned in to an ape she called out to Nianall who flew out of the bed and let forth a wail instantly downing Izadora. When Jalice succumbed to Petra’s fists, the banshee wailed again, downing Balion and knocking Linna out of beast form. Linna healed Balion and he unloaded on the banshee finishing the fight. Petra insisted on carrying Paul by herself.

The group planned to take the petrified Paul and Amara to the Church to seek assistance.

-Revive Paul and Amara.
-Investigate the Committee

Other things:
-Hags, Gnolls, ect
-Void Crystal

Various Personal Goals.



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