Book 3 Part 9

The Werewolve's Sarcophagus

The group, having traveled to Perkisville at the behest of the Oracle of Pelor, had just killed a bunch of Vampire spawn and discovered a secret path in the cave. It led to a Tomb with a worn sarcophagus. It was guarded by animated armor and skeletons. The group noisily cleared the enemies and prepared to battle whatever was in the coffin. The coffin was very old and filled with a thin layer of dirt. Inside was a throwing hammer that was covered in blood. The group found that the tomb was connected to a well in the basement of a local building. Kaviri climbed the well and heard the sound of someone’s scream being abruptly silenced.

They guessed that the tomb belonged to the Dwarven owner of Redhammer Keep. They rested for an hour before approaching the building. Once inside they found numerous dead bodies of locals. Once Redhammer was alerted to the consecration of his sarcophagus it appeared he began to slaughter the townsfolk.

Redhammer called the party to him. He was accompanied by a prest of Vecna, god of secrets and death. The party killed the priest first but an evil item brought him to his feet as an undead. Redhammer was also turned into mist and fled. The dwarf left behind his armor, made of metal and the skin of humamoids, and weapon, which constantly dripped the blood of the Dwarves it had killed. Amara, having taken the smaller hammer, took the weapon. Vae took the armor, as no one else wanted anything to do with it. The priest’s item was a shriveled hand that attempted to take over Vae’s familiar when the owl touched it. Balion and Petra wrapped cloth coated in holy water around the item and planned to bring it to the Church of Pelor.

The party alerted the Mayor to what had happened and after he came to grips with it he told the party that they could have it so that his drunken brother didn’t take ownership and run it in to the ground. They agrred and decided to rename it Meekus Hold. They were given the services of Scruffy, th Mayor’s #3 guy, to help them set up and run the farm.

The group plans to go to Gathon and check in with the status of Paul at the Church of Pelor. Balion said he wanted to check in with the Candleboys and see what they had learned about the members of the Committee.

-Bring cursed hand to Church of Pelor.
-Investigate the Committee.
-Withering Birch?
-The Elf War?
-Void Hallow?
-Dwarven Vault?
-Vampire in the loose.
-Various Personal Goals.



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