Eustace Wynreaver

Level 8 Cleric of Pelor


Eustace Wynreaver was Vicar of his home church in the town of Shackleton in Gathon for the Church of Pelor. He is the son of Joshua Wynreaver and the older brother of Samael Wynreaver and Cyril Wynreaver. He is the father of Balion Vicarson

He met up with Septimus and Paul Blackthorne and began adventuring. His initial purpose was to find his father who had not contacted the family in a long time. He has taken missions from Accant, Axlecrantz Axlecrank, and Lady Moonfire.

After the events at Gardmore Abbey Eustace became a wanted man. He was eventually captured and taken to the prison of Bleak Hold. He escape to the city of Gloomwrought in the Shadowlands where he joined the Hooded Lanters. Recently his son Balion discovered that he was alive and located in Anaba in the Demon Wastes. He has refused to return to Gathon and vowed to serve Pelor in Anaba.

Eustace Wynreaver

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