Book 3 Part 8

Teen Justice Squad Assemble!

The party (Amara IxChel, Balion Vicarson, Izadora Smith, Linna, Paul Blackthorne, Petra Clock, and Vae Victis Alastor) had just come from the Manor of Nianall and Jalice where Paul and Amara were turned to stone. Balion suggested they go to the Basilica of the Church of Pelor and seek the help of Joshua Wynreaver. They quickly found their way there but we’re told that the Cannonarch had gone to meet with the king and would not return for at least a day. In the meantime they used the Pool of Radiance on Amara. It would be a few days before the Pool would be able to cure Paul.

LuminarIan Ezrial came down and spoke to Balion. He said that Balion was untrained and reckless and should submit himself for proper paladin training which would take years. The Oracle of Pelor came to the group and asked them to investigate the darkness in Perkisville, a small farmstead a day and a half away from town. They could leave with the caravan in the morning. The group agreed to help out.

Meanwhile, Vae went off to discuss some things with the Iron Circle.

When the group returned to the The Duckling’s Ghost, they met a young elven woman named Kaviri who introduced herself as the nice of Thwarg, Piler of the Dead. He wrote a letter asking to let her accompany them, saying he had been called back to the Orc lands on family business. Kaviri showed her prowess by dispatching Balion in a few quick motions.

That night Petra had a prize fight and everyone came down to watch. It was the last of three fights. The first fight was Drekkus the Face Smasher, a half orc who seemed to have left the Howling Wind tribe. The second fight was uneventful. Petra’s fight was against Spichard ‘Wretched’ Rencer. He was a human thug who riled up the crowd and talked about how the Dragonborn were invading Gathin and had to be stopped. Izadora acted as Petra’s hype-man and Petra won the fight.

The group then went bar hopping. They were interrupted by a half elf man who asked Balion for a quote for the The Terns’ Tweets. Kaviri tried to punch him but he seemed to be in two places at once. He was Senfir Korin, a retired adventurer who owned the broadsheet. Balion sent him away with a quick quote.

The next day they went to Carwile and told him the Mansion was clear. Carwile said he would call in his other favor later.

The group left for Perkisville and the caravan ride was boring. Vae attempted to peek in to each tent but was discourage by Balion.

Once in Perkisville, they found it had two farmsteads. One belonging to Lord Mayor Perkisville, who raised cattle. The other belonged to Morith Redhammer, a dwarf who grew feed for the cattle. Recently a few people had gone missing and some cattle were found slaughtered. Kaviri followed a trail from one of the slaughtered animals to an old abandoned mine. Once inside the mine the group was attacked by bestial humanoids that they briefly mistook for Werewolves. They defeated all the vampires and set in to rest when a second wave of vampires came at them. They killed all three of those as well. They cleared out the rest of the cave and Linna found a caved in stone passageway that air was flowing through. The group decided to rest.


Other things to keep in mind:
-Various Personal goals



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